Workshop materials

Using appreciative inquiry: Tricia Lustig and Martin Hazell

Tricia’s presentation can be downloaded as a pdf here:

Lustig_Appreciative Inquiry for ProDev day, final presentation

Visioning: Wendy Schultz

Wendy’s presentation can be downloaded as a pdf here:

Wendy Schultz Visioning APF Pro Dev 2017 – to share

This version is a pdf which shows the notes pages and has more links:

Wendy Schultz Visioning Notes and Links APF Pro Dev 2017 – to share

Three Horizons: Bill Sharpe and Graham Leicester

More resources on Three Horizons can be found at these links:

International Futures Forum

University for the Third Horizon

Seeds of the Good Anthropocene: Tanja Hichert

Tanja Hichert’s session was based on the following presentation, which can be downloaded here:

Hichert-Good Anthropocene-presentation

The instructions for the workshop exercise can be downloaded here:

Good Anthropocene seeds instructions

More online resources on The Good Anthropocene, including the seeds, can be found here:

The printouts of the seeds of the Good Anthropocene used in the workshop can be downloaded here.

Seeds of the Good Anthropocene

The video that Tanja played at the start of her session can be found on the website of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.



On Three Horizons


Here’s the second of the interviews I recorded with the presenters at the Tools for Hope event in London in November. Bill Sharpe, the author of Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope, co-presented with Graham Leicester, the Director of the International Futures Forum.  The IFF has been the leader, in terms of both practice and theory, in developing the application of Three Horizons thinking, and has also published some valuable resources.

In this interview they talk about some of the principles that sit behind the Three Horizons model, its use as a dialogue tool to negotiate change between different members of a system, and the health and social care project SHINE, in Fife, that has been something of a poster child for the application of 3H to create transformative futures. Golf gets a look-in too.

(Nine minutes).

Wendy Schultz on visioning


Andrew Curry writes: During the course of the day at the Tools for Hope event I interviewed each of the speakers about their session. First up: Wendy Schultz talks about visioning, with a dash of history and some practical tips.

The interview runs for 7’40”.

Music stings from ‘Be My Love’ by Peter Curry, used with permission.